Saturday, October 31, 2009

HSLF and League of Humane Voters of New Jersey Praise Corzine

Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine has a clear history of animal advocacy according to the Humane Society Legislative Fund: "During his first term as governor, Corzine signed several animal protection policies into law, including bills to prohibit the inhumane and unsporting shooting of live animals over the Internet, to tax the sale of fur clothing, to require the inclusion of animals in disaster planning, and to impose a moratorium on the harvesting and possession of horseshoe crabs."

"Most notably, he worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to stop the controversial trophy hunting season on New Jersey’s small population of black bears, and instead, Corzine and the DEP implemented a comprehensive plan to reduce bear-human conflicts using non-lethal and humane management."

The Humane Society goes on to relate "In stark contrast, Corzine’s opponent, Chris Christie, has stated that he supports bear hunting. The fate of New Jersey’s bear population could be decided in the November 3 election!"

"Further confirmation of Christie's stand is his endorsement by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. NJOA council members include New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, National Wild Turkey Federation, United Bow Hunters of New Jersey and New Jersey Trappers Association to name a few. "

The 2009 gubernatorial election is the first in which Lieutenant Governor will be on the ballot. The Humane Society says "Corzine’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor, state Senator Loretta Weinberg, has been one of the leading advocates for animal protection in the New Jersey legislature."