Friday, April 22, 2011

Farmers rally for, as HSUS protests, dog bill

April 21, 2011 by Tom Steever

Organizers say over 1,000 people gathered Wednesday on the Missouri Capitol lawn to show support for legislation making changes to the controversial Puppy Mill Cruelty Bill passed by voters last fall.

Flanked by Missouri House and Senate members favoring the changes, several spoke supporting Senate Bill 113 that’s been passed but is awaiting Governor Jay Nixon’s signature. Clarence, Missouri, pork producer Chris Chinn told the crowd she’s concerned that the Humane Society of United States, which supports and financed the ballot initiative, will not stop with limiting the number of dogs allowed in a breeding operation.

“They’re going to take our farms from us and they’re going to take our jobs and they are going to steal my children’s future,” said Chinn Wednesday, from the podium on the Capitol steps.

Rally organizer Don Nikodim, head of the Missouri Pork Producers Association and with the Missouri Farmers Care coalition says the turnout will help decision makers still on the fence about compromise legislation.
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