Friday, June 15, 2012

STOP the proposed APHIS RULE in Three Easy Steps!


Once again, we face a fundamental threat to our right to animal ownership in the United States. USDA, through its bureaucratic agency APHIS, is proposing a new regulation to require that ALL pet breeders who have five or more intact females and sell pets outside of the area where they were bred (i.e. online or at a tradeshow) obtain a USDA license and come into compliance with the Animal Welfare Act.

That means if you sell even ONE animal outside of the premises of your breeding facility, you will be required to spend thousands of dollars complying with the AWA and to open your business for USDA inspection. As you know, small breeders cannot afford these onerous regulatory burdens. MANY small American breeding businesses will be bankrupted by this rule, and MANY American jobs will be lost. We have also engaged our attorneys and experts at Olsson, Frank, and Weeda to provide a legal opinion and flowchart for your reference.


The Cavalry Group, a member-based organization which supports and defends the Constitutional rights of American animal owners, has prepared a plan of action to DEFEAT THIS RULE. If you do nothing else, please complete Step 1, as political pressure from Congress will have a HUGE effect on the decision made by USDA. Steps 2 and 3, however, are also important parts of our program. These easy steps should take no more than a few minutes of your time and could very well save your business!

Step 1: Contact your Congressman Congress determines the levels of funding for USDA and APHIS. When a Congressman calls, USDA is sure to answer. We need to let OUR Congressmen know that we do not support this rule, and that its passage would cost their district JOBS. The Cavalry Group has developed a sample letter and contact form to make this process as simple as possible. Remember it is always best to customize your letter and make it personal. Follow this link here and TAKE ACTION NOW!

Step 2: File a Comment with USDA APHIS is required by federal law to accept and respond to any comments about the proposed rule that are submitted. The Cavalry Group has provided an easy to use guide to commenting on proposed rules. We need to let the bureaucrats know how this rule will affect our businesses! Follow this link and comment today!

Step 3: Contact Secretary Vilsack Everyone knows 2012 is an election year. We need to let the current administration know that putting pet breeders out of business is not the way to turn this economy around! The Cavalry Group has prepared a sample letter and contact form to get our message to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. Follow this link and send a letter today!

The Cavalry Group believes that American citizens have the right to raise and sell animals without federal agents regularly snooping through their property. If everyone follows the above steps and lets their elected representatives know that we can raise our own animals without help from the nannies in Washington DC, we will DEFEAT this rule and deal a major blow to the enemies of American agriculture.

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