Friday, August 3, 2012

APHIS Rule Update - Sign the NEW petition

SAOVA friends,

We’ve been beating the drum since May to raise awareness and opposition against the APHIS Proposed Rule which will severely impact tens of thousands of dog, cat, and small animal breeders.

A number of ag sites, including Drovers/CattleNetwork news source and the Pork Network, have recently carried the commentary and opposition statement from the Animal Agriculture Alliance. Their statement reads, “The Animal Agriculture Alliance opposes the proposed change to the definition of “pet retail store” as it has the potential to expand burdensome regulations on some farm operations, negatively impact youth agriculture programs, and expand federal inspector access beyond the scope of USDA’s authority on livestock farms.” Read more..

Also this week The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, as part of its Sporting Dog Defense Coalition, posted their intent to submit comments to APHIS concerning the proposed rule. Jeremy Rine explains that the rule matters to sportsmen “because it is part of the BIG animal rights "divide and conquer" strategy. Each effort by these groups is meant to regulate more and more dog owners, not just the "puppy mills" they claim to be after. Their next move could be removing the hunting dog breeder exemption altogether.”

The comment period for the proposed APHIS rule regulating retail sellers ends on August 15.

Sportsmen and hunters please do not sit this one out! After decades of battling the HSUS anti-hunting agenda you should know this animal rights game by heart. HSUS will not rest until sportsmen, houndsmen, animal owners and producers alike are crushed by regulation. Surely you remember the quote from HSUS leader, Wayne Pacelle, “Our opponents say that hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.”

Considering how furiously the animal rights lobby is attacking from all sides this year, the quote could just as easily read, “Our opponents say that animal husbandry is a tradition … we say traditions can change.”

Post comments against the rule directly at the federal portal.

Add your organization to the SAOVA Opposition List. Send an email signed by an officer of the organization stating opposition to Susan Wolf: Please include organization's address.

SIGN THE NEW PETITION. Ask Congress to INVESTIGATE APHIS and the process by which it submitted this Proposed Rule to regulate pet sellers — and request this Proposed Rule be withdrawn. APHIS did not fulfill its statutory duty as required by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) to perform an adequate assessment of the impact of the Rule, consult with the appropriate agencies, or provide reliable information to the public for purposes of a public comment period. Petition is at

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