Monday, October 22, 2012

Animal-rights groups see Measure 5 as a hoof in the door

Daniel Mock, Braddock, N.D., column

BRADDOCK, N.D. — Don’t be fooled into voting for the largest animal rights organization in the country and its handiwork this election cycle. Vote no on Measure 5 if you want to protect the rights of North Dakotans to write our own laws and do what’s best for animals.

Measure 5 uses inflammatory terms to pull at our emotions, yet deals with only three species and is silent on the most common kinds of mistreatment actually seen in the state. Odd? As confirmed by a March story in the Jamestown (N.D.) Sun, promoters have explained that they needed something “passable” and can add to it later. What might those additions be?

Measure 5 cleverly disguises terms used for animals in food production. For example, the measure’s full text bans “exsanguination,” but this is problematic because it likely would block any reinstatement of horse slaughter. So, even though promoters say the measure protects agricultural and other lawful activities, it will not. Read more .......

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