Thursday, August 15, 2013

MO Supreme Court Decision - MoFed wins

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (MoFed) has received word that the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri just handed down its decision on the HSUS vs. State of Missouri concerning shelter fees for shelters and rescues. The Supreme Court agreed with the lower court and ruled against HSUS in their effort to relieve licensed humane societies and shelters of paying the same fees as dog breeders in Missouri.

MoFed presented the idea in the state legislature and then Representative Brian Munzlinger attached the language to the omnibus agriculture bill several years ago. HSUS immediately filed a lawsuit which was ruled against all the way to the State Supreme Court. The 7 to 0 decision today is yet another defeat for HSUS!

MoFed held its ground and refused to let HSUS' attempts to pass legislation to circumvent the rulings of the courts. Defeating the efforts of HSUS in both the legislature and courts of Missouri is another win for animal owners and another sound defeat for HSUS!!! Read the Ruling

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