Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Public Hearing scheduled for June 25, 2015 at 7:00 PM, Room 108, Spalding County Annex Building. Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Animal Sterilization Requirement Ordinance and Unaltered Animal Permit Ordinance as proposed by the Animal Care and Control Advisory Board.

To keep your dog or cat intact, you can jump through hoops listed in the ordinance and purchase an unaltered permit. The proposed ordinance includes multiple exemptions for dog and cat breeders, such as having competed in at least one show or sporting competition sanctioned by a bonafide nationally registry within the past 365 days. However, written confirmation by the sponsor that the dog or cat has competed is necessary to satisfy this exemption.  Earning a conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding, hunting, protection, rally, sporting, working or other title from a pure bred dog registry, confirmed in writing by the organization, will also qualify as an exemption. Persons who are Georgia State Department of Agriculture licensed breeders are exempt.

The authors of this proposed ordinance may have included multiple exemptions in an effort to focus MSN requirements on a smaller portion of the population, or simply to silence breeders.  The ordinance could be targeting those with limited income who cannot provide proof to qualify for one of the above exemptions and those who cannot afford spay/neuter surgeries for their pets. They will be driven away from providing necessary veterinary care for their pets, decreasing rabies vaccinations and possibly increasing rabies outbreaks.

MSN laws are promoted by groups who claim it will end euthanasia of animals, animal abandonment and shelter overpopulation. After decades of attempts, there is NO success story for mandatory spay/neuter.  In fact, such legislation has often had the opposite affect with disastrous results and negative impacts on shelter statistics. The MSN ordinance in Spalding County is doomed to fail. Breeders and the exemptions given to them could then be blamed for the ordinance failure.

There are no national organizations that support MSN. It is undisputable that the number one reason for animal abandonment is related to pet behavior or health problems, or the owner’s lack of time or ability to care for the pet, not reproductive status.

If you cannot attend the hearing, write to the commissioners:
Rita Johnson, Chair - rjohnson@spaldingcounty.com   
Bart Miller, Vice Chair - bmiller@spaldingcounty.com
Gwen Flowers-Taylor - Gflowers-taylor@spaldingcounty.com
Raymond Ray - rray@spaldingcounty.com
Donald Hawbaker - dhawbaker@spaldingcounty.com

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