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May 9, 2014.  House Bill 4056 was amended from the Senate floor and will now prohibit Illinois pet shops from selling dogs and cats they have acquired from breeders. Instead pet shops would be required to sell dogs and cats obtained from an animal shelter or animal control facility.

Senate Amendment 1 has the full support of Governor Quinn and HSUS.  Proponents argue that this bill is needed to control pet overpopulation in Illinois, stop unnecessary shelter euthanasia, and end “puppy mill” sales in pet shops.  Supporters’ also claim the proposal will result in more healthy pets sold throughout the state.  That scenario is not likely if puppies from licensed and inspected breeders will be replaced by shelter dogs with unknown social histories, unknown dams and sires, and unknown health histories.

The Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA) issued an alert this week in opposition to HB 4056.  ISVMA noted, “In the last few years, they have passed Anna's Law (Pet Overpopulation Control Act), legislation to establish the Pet Population Fund, and the Pet Lemon Law. Each time, they have proposed the new answer to the problem of pet overpopulation. The time and resources of this General Assembly and the lobby groups that continue to pass these laws would be better spent on public education to better inform prospective pet owners of their choices in selecting a new pet and the responsibilities of pet ownership.”

Senate Amendment 1 limits the choices of Illinois citizens to obtain a purebred pet. It should not be the business of the state of Illinois to legislate pet sales from shelters. This is an unacceptable and unreasonable restriction on trade that will hurt legitimate business and cost jobs.

HSUS and their minions are spinning the tale that responsible breeders will not be affected and might actually benefit if pet stores are gone.  We have heard that song and dance before and know what they really want is to eventually end all purposeful breeding of pets. Should the amended bill pass, the new Puppy Lemon Law will be rescinded; a source for Illinois families to purchase pets will be removed; and businesses will be lost - all to satisfy the HSUS agenda.

Time is critical. The bill had already been placed on the Senate Calendar for final reading when the Amendment was attached.  It is now with the Senate Executive Committee.

Tell Governor Quinn NO to HB 4056.  Call his office 217-782-0244
Ask your Senator   to oppose HB 4056.

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Susan Wolf
Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance
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