Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NC Governor McCrory’s Plan now SB 842

SB 842 Governor’s Budget filed May 22, 2014 contains the HSUS/McCrory plan to license and regulate dog breeders and to transfer the Animal Welfare Section to the Department of Public Safety, Law Enforcement Division. SB 842 revises the General Statutes definition of dog dealer to mean any person who sells or offers to sell, exchange, or donate animals, or any persons in a household who collectively maintain a total of more than nine mature intact female animals, regardless of ownership, or any persons acting in concert with others where they collectively maintain more than nine mature intact females regardless of ownership. There are no exemptions for co-ownerships, show dogs, sporting dogs, working, herding, security dogs, or rescue/foster homes. Kennels that ONLY board and train hunting dogs have historically been exempt and this section was not revised. If you thought HSUS only wanted to regulate "puppy mills" think again.

Dog dealers would follow standards in the NC Animal Welfare Act which are based on Federal regulations.  In general, all animals in a facility are subject to the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, regardless of ownership. All areas of a facility are subject to review or inspection during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday). A separate five-foot perimeter fence is required if any animals have access to an outdoor enclosure, including unsupervised exercise areas.

Interior building surfaces of indoor facilities with which animals come in contact must be constructed and maintained so that they are impervious to moisture, and can be readily sanitized. Outdoor facilities, primary enclosures and walkways with which an animal comes in contact must be constructed of sealed concrete or other surfaces impervious to moisture.  Gravel may be used if maintained at a minimum depth of six inches and kept in a sanitary manner.

The Department of Public Safety will have the power to oversee the NC Animal Welfare Act, adopt animal welfare rules, establish standards for dog dealers, animal shelters, boarding kennels, and pet shops.  Standards may also be written regulating the transport to and from licensed premises.  Animals in the possession of an unlicensed dealer are subject to immediate seizure and impoundment.

The Law Enforcement Division of the Department of Public Safety includes North Carolina Emergency Management, Alcohol Law Enforcement, State Highway Patrol, and National Guard.  Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) is the lead agency for enforcement of alcoholic beverage, controlled substance, and tobacco laws. ALE agents have broad authority as peace officers to investigate, arrest, and take enforcement action for any criminal offense. The State Highway Patrol not only patrols our state’s 78,000 miles of roads they administer the NC Missing Persons Center.

It is an outrage to turn any of the Law Enforcement Division’s essential staff into puppy police to satisfy an agenda.

The Director of the Animal Welfare Section if included under the Law Enforcement Division will be appointed.  Be very afraid - considering that HSUS has the Governor’s ear, it is reasonable to assume that HSUS will influence this selection.

HSUS/ASPCA are both busy pushing the need for “puppy mill” regulation falsely claiming our state is a haven for puppy mills.  ASPCA sent out an email blast still urging calls in support of HB 930 so that “large scale commercial breeders” would be required to treat their dogs humanely.  ASPCA asked their readers to contact Governor McCrory and thank him for being a steadfast champion of this bill.

There is no time to waste. This disruptive transfer of animal welfare authority must be stopped.  Act now to protect your right to own and breed dogs.

Contact your legislator now and oppose the Governor’s plan.
House: http://tinyurl.com/2b56d
Senate: http://tinyurl.com/kfzu4et

Governor McCrory needs to hear that not everyone supports his agenda. Call his office (919) 814-2000
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