Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CA Sen. Dave Cox, R-Fair Oaks, dead at 72

With the sad passing of Senator Dave Cox on Tuesday July 13, 2010, Tina Perriguey writes:

California state Senator Dave Cox (R) has passed away, at age 72, after a 13 year battle with prostate cancer. May you rest in peace, Dave. We will be forever grateful for all you did to help us in the fight against mandatory spay/neuter legislation.

As someone who was standing in the Committee Hearing room - I know I will never forget the pivotal moment when Dave (through a series of questions that turned into a classic interrogation) got Los Angeles Animal Services Director Ed Boks to admit (regarding AB 1634)... "No Senator, this bill is not about saving dogs and cats." If memory serves, this historic moment was recorded. Hopefully, it will go soon go viral again, in a tribute to Dave, and the pivotal moment when that terrible bill went down in flames.

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