Saturday, July 3, 2010

State's deal with HSUS might not be end of conflict

"Raising 10 billion land animals in the United States annually for food is simply not a sensible plan of action," Pacelle wrote. "The science is clear that a diet that is primarily plant-based is better for our personal health, and it's obviously better for animals and the environment." Wayne Pacelle. A Humane Nation blog October 8, 2009

That quote sums up the HSUS philosophy on animal agriculture. There is no common ground with an agenda that removes animal-use.

State's deal with HSUS might not be end of conflict
Chillicothe Gazette July 3, 2010

For months, the spectre of a fall statewide issue related to animal cruelty promised to create a showdown between animal activists and the farming community in Ohio.
But a last minute deal brokered by Gov. Ted Strickland brought together the animal rights and farm groups for a deal that boosts both sides.

The deal calls for Strickland, the Humane Society, the Ohio Farm Bureau and their partners to join forces in favor of tougher laws governing farm animals, including provisions that ban certain crates and cages and the use of strangulation as a form of euthanasia.

It also calls for setting felony-level penalties for cock fighting, cracking down on puppy mills and promoting a ban on future exotic pet purchases.

The farming community took a hit recently when a video from a Plain City farm showed brutal treatment of cows there.

Animal rights groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, were accused of harassing and dishonest practices to get the signatures needed on petitions.

As Strickland said in a Wednesday press conference, the still-unsigned deal was necessary to avoid a bitter campaign war.

But a closer look reveals Ohio isn't out of the woods just yet.
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