Saturday, July 10, 2010

State sells out some animal owners

July polls show Republican John Kasich leads Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland by as much as 7 points in the Ohio governor's race. Will Strickland's concessions to HSUS seal a win for Kasich in November?

State sells out some animal owners
By Butch Hash • July 10, 2010 • Newark Advocate

June 30 was a dark day for livestock, exotic animal owners and dog breeders in Ohio, thanks to Gov. Ted Strickland, The Ohio Farm Bureau and HSUS. The Ohio Farm Bureau is supposed to protect the interest of the farmers. They handed poultry, pork and beef farmers over to HSUS on a platter, along with the exotic animal owners and dog breeders.

We should think about all the rights that are taken from us by the government. Now they attack the backbone of America: the American farmer. Mr. Strickland, you will not have my vote in November this year or that of a lot of the farmers and meat-eaters in Ohio. I don't like seaweed. Mr. Strickland, I am sure you sit down to a good steak dinner every now and then. Mr. Strickland, try living on the diet Wayne Pacelle would have the rest of us eating. But now that you have sold out all types of animal owners, we will not forget you this November. I would like all the readers who like freedom, meat, eggs and a pet dog to call Mr. Strickland and the Ohio Farm Bureau to let them know that the people who gave them power can take it away.

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