Friday, July 2, 2010

HSUS extortion in Ohio

Earlier this week California’s AB1437 cage-free egg bill was sent to Governor Schwarzenegger for signature. The bill extends Prop 2 standards to out-of-state eggs by criminalizing importation of eggs that are not cage-free. According to a U.C. Davis study, one third of California eggs are imported. Schwarzenegger, who opposed Prop 2, has until Tuesday to sign or veto the bill.

Following on the heels of this addition to the Prop 2 saga, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and state agricultural leaders compromised with HSUS to prevent a November ballot initiative. Governor Strickland has been quoted as saying, “The agreement represents a joint push to find common ground."

It is unlikely this deal will keep HSUS satisfied for long in their insatiable drive to undermine animal agriculture and any other animal related venues in Ohio.

In brokering this deal, HSUS extortionists went beyond the livestock initiative threat to bludgeon Ohio dog breeders by demanding “legislation to crack down on puppy mills”, which generally translates to mean over-regulating dog breeders to a point that defies common sense.

The following press release from our friends at Animal Agriculture Alliance says it all.

Agriculture Industry Must Learn From Disappointing Outcome in Ohio

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